Babysitter Policy

The Club allows for member families to purchase a “Babysitter Pass” for $80 under the following conditions:

• The babysitter is considered a GUEST of the Club.

• The babysitter shall accompany member children to the Club in the absence of the member parents at any time the Club is open (not by themselves).

• If a member parent is present, the applicable guest fee must be paid when or if the babysitter accompanies the family.

• The babysitter may not bring other member children to the Club.

• The babysitter may not bring into the Club any other non-member, adult or child, at any time.

• This pass is not transferable.

• Babysitter must be 16 years of age or older.

• One babysitter pass may include up to 2 people, but only 1 babysitter can accompany the children at a time. Otherwise a second pass must be purchased.

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LUAU Saturday August 19th.
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Adult Volleyball.
Friday August 25th 9:00 PM. Ages 18+.

Mother's Day Brunch.
Sunday August 27th 10:00 AM - Noon.

Saturday September 2nd (rain date Sunday September 3rd). Members only until after 6PM. Buy your food tickets through Monday August 28th.

Sunday September 3rd!

Adult Volleyball.
Friday September 8th 8:00 PM. Ages 18+.

Drool in The Pool - Dog Days of Summer!
Sunday September 10th 12:30 - 1:30.

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